Sunday, June 5, 2011

Before and after

Two shots of the before and after.


How to build a terrace...

Short blog about the terrace I have just built.
Took two weekends and a few evenings, some hard work and 600 euros.

How it started out

Well planned = half done
Trip to the local wood merchant

Dig for victory

Looking good...

The all important first footing, everything works off this one.

Keeping it level

End of day one

Always check and re-check

Down to the clay

Small stones and leveling sand

Keeping it level (did I say that before...)

This is the longest and most painful part of the whole job...

Get it level that man...

8 footings, but those stairs (right) look awful

I'm so old skool my set square is "imperial".!

Level... you will guess why at the end

Cement the footing. Tip use S100 over S10. 

Detail is everything (this was not my choice)

Add the anti-weed cloth

Cover with stones

Add the frame

New stairs created with custom stringer

Got to be level and on flat ground

More cloth and more stones

Start from the bottom of the stairs

Stairs done

Check the level

..and again

Start decking front to back

Bit of custom work around the stairs

More customs stuff and the final few pieces

Completed! Even stuck in a new tree and the kids painted some stones (under the tree)

Looking good...

Check out the stairs and the custom cuts

Sorry cannot turn the photo

...but you get the picture!